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Ready to travel to the stars and explore galaxies we’ve only imagined? Starfield by Bethesda Game Studios is here. It takes you on an adventure like no other.

This game lets you become a bold explorer. You’ll visit across distant planets and find secrets in over 1,000 worlds1. Space travel is more real than ever. You can shape your journey, customize your character, ship, and battle style to play how you want.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield offers an unprecedented cosmic adventure across over 1,000 explorable planets.
  • Players can customize their characters, ships, and combat styles for a personalized experience.
  • The game promises an immersive and open-ended journey, allowing players to forge their own stories.
  • Bethesda Game Studios’ first new universe in 25 years, marking an ambitious milestone1.
  • Over 100 star systems, each spawning roughly 10 moons and planets, await exploration1.

Embark on an Ambitious Intergalactic Adventure

Get ready for the newest universe from Bethesda Game Studios. Starfield will take you on a big intergalactic adventure.2 It’s their first time in a fresh world in over 25 years. You’ll get to see amazing planets and uncharted territory. Over 1,000 places to explore are waiting for you.2

Starfield: Bethesda’s Most Expansive Universe Yet

First steps in Starfield show Bethesda Game Studios are very bold. They are making their biggest expansive universe ever.2 It sets a new level for the studio, offering a huge intergalactic adventure.

Traverse Over 1,000 Planets in Uncharted Territory

There are more than 1,000 planets to see in Starfield. This intergalactic adventure is vast and limitless.2 With about 100 star systems, you’ll go into uncharted territory. Here, you’ll find cosmic mysteries. Meet derelict ships and pass asteroid fields. Starfield brings awe and wonder like never before.

Get ready for Starfield‘s huge scale and ambition. It’s a game that changes how we explore space. Start a special journey beyond imagination’s limits.

Edition Platform Highlights
Constellation Edition Xbox Series or Steam
  • Steelbook Display Case
  • Constellation Patch
  • Chronomark Watch and Case
  • Constellation Skin Pack (Equinox Laser Rifle, Spacesuit, Helmet, Boost Pack)

Immersive Role-Playing in a Sprawling Cosmos

Starfield offers a deep role-playing game that takes place in a vast galactic sandbox. Here, you can choose your own journey through space. You’ll have access to over 1,000 planets to explore. Dive into thrilling tales or simply cruise the cosmos your way.3

Forge Your Own Path in a Boundless Galactic Sandbox

Imagine Starfield as a blank canvas for your galactic sandbox. You pick how to live your space life. Do you chase after excitement, focus on gathering resources, or just admire unknown worlds? It’s all about your preference.3

Customize Every Aspect of Your Interstellar Journey

In Starfield, you can change everything about your journey. Design your character from looks to fighting style. Also, make the ships you fly feel like your own. You can set up space outposts, make friends, and impact the universe.

Customize your interstellar journey

Playing Starfield may remind you of other Bethesda games like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. But, Starfield’s vast variety of choices and personalizations set it apart. This makes the game’s world and your journey in it reach new levels.

Starfield presents a canvas where your choices shape the narrative, and every decision reverberates across the boundless cosmos.

Still, Starfield does have its downsides. Some players mention big bugs and feel the game’s factions and characters could be more interesting. But overall, these issues don’t take away from Starfield’s main gift. It’s an engaging, expansive role-playing game that lets you explore space just as you like.]

Customization Options Description
Character Appearance Tailor your character’s physical features, including race, gender, and body type.
Combat Style Choose from various weapons, armor, and skills to create your desired fighting approach.
Spaceship Outfitting Equip your ship with various modules, weapons, and upgrades for improved performance.
Outpost Establishment Build and maintain outposts across the galaxy, serving as bases for operations and resources.

Overall, Starfield is a top-notch role-playing game in a limitless galactic sandbox. Here, your decisions shape the story and world around you. It’s truly an unforgettable experience.

Grounded Science Fiction for a Realistic Space Odyssey

Starfield embodies the core of grounded science fiction. It offers an engaging and realistic space odyssey. Its world is inspired by the early days of space travel. It captures the majesty of space exploration with detailed settings and true-to-life elements.

Experience the Majesty of Space Exploration

Step into Starfield and begin your journey across the stars. Every planet you arrive at is a mix of different climates, materials, and gravitational pulls, all plausible and unique. It makes you feel like a real explorer4. You’ll go through unknown zones, dodge space rocks, and meet beings unlike any before, while unravelling secrets of deserted vessels and bases.

Retro-Futuristic Designs Inspired by NASA and SpaceX

Starfield’s style, known as “NASA Punk,” combines future tech with old-school charm, taking cues from NASA and SpaceX4. The ships are not just machines; they tell stories. They reflect the thrill of going to far-off places. From personalizing your own ship to the realistic appearance of planets and their life, Starfield puts you in a world where advanced tech meets everyday life.

Bethesda Game Studios’ Starfield delivers a pure and heartfelt space adventure. It celebrates the early days of our space journey, enhancing player involvement with rich experiences and boundless customization across a massive, continuous universe.

In this detailed galaxy, Starfield lets you make your own journey. Choose your friends and impact humanity’s push towards new horizons. It’s a space tale that feels almost real, where the wonders of space are shown in a way that’s never been done before.

Meticulous World-Building and Authentic Details

Starfield was made with great care in world-building and with authentic details in mind. Bethesda worked closely with space experts from famous places like the National Air and Space Museum, NASA, and SpaceX. This helped ensure the game feels real, yet full of imagination.5

Bethesda’s Research Alongside Space Experts

Bethesda’s work with space experts offered deep insights into space. This made the game’s universe full of scientific truths, yet still magical. They aimed to blend accurate space science with the romance of early space travel, creating a rich, believable world.

Handcrafted Quests and Unique Encounters Await

Exploring Starfield, players will find handcrafted quests and unique encounters. Bethesda’s focus on stories and exploration means each journey will be different. You might find new worlds, solve old mysteries, or make friends with mysterious groups. All these adventures will be part of a rich, varied story landscape.


Bethesda is dedicated to creating a deep world-building in Starfield. This commitment brings a lively, in-depth space adventure filled with handcrafted quests and unique encounters.

Game Feature Starfield’s Approach
World-Building Meticulous attention to detail, informed by collaboration with space experts from NASA, SpaceX, and the National Air and Space Museum
Quests and Encounters Handcrafted and unique, staying true to Bethesda’s storytelling DNA and offering diverse narratives and immersive experiences
Aesthetic Retro-futuristic “NASA Punk” design language, blending advanced technology with a vintage, lived-in feel

Starfield combines real science with creative stories. This makes a universe that feels real and captivating. Players will experience space like never before.5

Seamless Planetary Exploration and Discovery

In Starfield, explore planets in a unique way. You’ll travel to each planet’s distinct zones. These zones have special points of interest that refresh every time.

This approach lets Bethesda create rich, varied worlds. You won’t find endless, boring landscapes here. Instead, get ready for quests and stories that will suck you in.

With mods, some fans can travel to different planets. But without mods, a trip from Mars to Phobos takes real-world 27 hours.6

A fan once sped up the game by 6,400% to show how vast Starfield is. This made a video that was 4,000% faster. Phobos is about 3,700 miles from Mars. Starfield is even bigger, with dozens of star systems.

Starfield uses a unique fast-travel system. This method is more exciting than just choosing where to go from a menu. It makes discovering new worlds and journeying through space fun and easy.

Game Release Date Platforms
Starfield September 6, 2023 PC, Xbox Series X/S

Players are excited for Starfield’s launch on September 6. This game offers an immersive look into Bethesda’s universe.

A Universe of Limitless Potential and Wonder

Embark on an odyssey through the stars in Starfield. Open yourself to a universe full of limitless potential and cosmic wonder. Over 1,000 planets7 await, calling you to explore mysteries and go on epic adventures like never before.

Uncover Mysteries and Get Sidetracked on Epic Adventures

Journey through space and be ready for the unexpected. Discover the secrets of ancient civilizations or find a lost ship’s signal. Space offers countless puzzles for you to solve.

The universe is a boundless playground, inviting you to forge your own stories and experiences.

Starfield lets you choose your path, embracing surprises along the way. An encounter with a stranger might start an epic adventure unexpectedly.

  1. Delve into the unknown, uncovering clues that unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.
  2. Forge alliances and make new acquaintances, some of whom may surprise you.
  3. Embrace the unpredictable nature of space exploration, where every journey holds the promise of discovery.

With endless limitless potential and cosmic wonder, Starfield calls you. Immerse yourself in exploration and storytelling. Create memories that last long after your adventure in space has ended7.

Overcoming Ambitious Obstacles and Challenges

Starting the Starfield project wasn’t simple for Bethesda Game Studios. They faced big hurdles and challenges at every turn.

One major challenge was the game’s vast scale. It planned to give players a whole universe to explore in an RPG style. Crafting more than 1,000 planets, each unique, was a huge task. It needed great care for details like their design and how close they were to the sun.

Bethesda’s Journey to Bring Starfield to Life

The COVID-19 pandemic made things even harder, slowing work down. It also pushed the team to find new ways to work and talk with each other. Despite this, Bethesda’s strong team spirit and past experience helped them push through these difficulties.

Starfield is considered one of the most ambitious projects in Bethesda’s history, promising a vast universe for players to explore.8

Pandemic-Induced Hurdles and Innovative Solutions

The pandemic made their mission tougher but they stayed committed. They aimed to create a real feel of exploring space. To do this, they came up with clever strategies. Players will have to set up stations, gather resources like Aluminum and Helium-3, and move materials around effectively.

Outpost Type Required Structures
Basic Base
  • 1 Helium-3 Extractor
  • 3 Solar Arrays
  • 1 Gas Storage
  • 2 Cargo Link – Inter System
Aluminum/Iron Outpost
  • 1 Aluminum/Iron Extractor
  • 1 Helium-3 Extractor
  • 3 Solar Arrays
  • 1 Storage – Gas
  • 1 Storage – Solid
  • 1 Cargo Link – Inter System

Bethesda Game Studios overcame big challenges by thinking in new ways. This shows their lasting dedication to creating an unmatched space adventure in Starfield.89

Starfield’s Shift from Bethesda’s Traditional Exploration

In Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios decided on a new shift in how players discover exploration in open-world games. They’ve changed from their old way. In their past games, players needed to travel through the game’s world. But in Starfield, you can use an instant travel system to quickly move between planets and star systems.

This innovative mechanic makes the game world more accessible. It offers a quick way to see new places. Yet, it also changes the game’s feel. It offers easier but less in-depth exploration than Bethesda’s previous games.

Instant Transit Redefines Galactic Voyages

Starfield’s instant travel makes moving across space easy. You can jump from one planet to another in seconds.10 But, this ease of travel takes away a bit of the game’s rich feeling. By reducing the time it takes to travel, the game may feel less real and alive.

Streamlined Traversal, Yet Linearity Lurks

The new instant travel in Starfield really speeds up exploration. It lets you see new worlds and meet different people quickly.10 But, this change also makes the game more linear. It might not feel as natural and open as Bethesda’s older games did.

Starfield’s transformed universe gives players a mix of benefits and downsides. It’s easier to get around, but you might not feel as connected to the game world as before.

Awe-Inspiring Visuals and Technical Advancements

Starfield is set to amaze with its stunning graphics and new tech. It will show amazing visuals and use new tech like never before. The graphics engine will let us see new things in lighting, animation, and making characters.

This means we get to see space like it’s real, with aliens and our own characters looking life-like. It’s all about creating a real sense of being in space.

Groundbreaking Lighting Innovations

Starfield’s lighting is a game-changer. It uses new ways to show light and shadows in space. This makes space look real, from the lights of stars to the colors of nebulas.11 The game world is full of wonder because of this.

Cutting-Edge Animation and Character Generation

The way Starfield’s characters move and act is super advanced. This makes the game’s story feel more real. You’ll see your friends and aliens moving like they’re alive. Also, you can really make your character your own. You get to design a main character for your space journey.

The amazing lighting and character actions are all part of making you feel like you’re in space.11 Whether you’re gazing at planets or talking with aliens, the game promises a next-level experience.

Starfield’s awe-inspiring visuals

Starfield’s new tech is more than just a game upgrade. It shows Bethesda’s commitment to making games that pull you in completely.



Bethesda Game Studios invites you to a unique journey with Starfield, breaking from the norm. It leads you into an unknown universe with top-notch visuals. These visuals offer a breathtaking space adventure.

Starfield is ready to swoop players up with its science fiction look and rich storytelling. It’s expected to shine in the Bethesda family of games.612 Gamers will make their stories, solve puzzles, and face new adventures in space. They will travel through asteroid fields, engage in space battles, and explore abandoned spaceships.

Starfield changes how we think about space travel in games. It introduces quick loading and jumps612 that match its huge universe. This means exciting possibilities and surprises in every corner. It challenges you to become an explorer and create your story in its vast universe.


What is Starfield?

Starfield is a new video game by Bethesda Game Studios. It lets players explore over 1,000 planets. You can travel through multiple star systems on a grand journey.

How expansive is Starfield’s universe?

It’s Bethesda’s largest project yet, with over 1,000 planets to explore. You can visit around 100 star systems. This game has a huge cosmic area for players to discover.

What kind of role-playing experience does Starfield offer?

Starfield is a massive-role playing game in a cosmic sandbox. Players can make their own choices. You decide if you want to follow big stories or just explore freely.

How does Starfield depict space exploration?

Starfield tries to show space exploration in a real way. It’s inspired by early space travel. The look, called “NASA Punk,” combines modern tech with a space-age design.

How did Bethesda ensure authenticity in Starfield’s world-building?

They worked with experts from top space institutions. These experts helped make the game’s world more realistic. They brought in ideas from real space science.

How does Starfield handle planetary exploration?

It doesn’t let players freely fly between planets. Instead, you can land on specific parts of planets. There, you’ll find interesting places created randomly.

What kind of experiences can players expect in Starfield’s universe?

Starfield’s universe is full of mysteries and excitement. You might find ancient secrets, meet new beings, or go on unexpected journeys. It’s all about exploring space.

What challenges did Bethesda face in developing Starfield?

Making such a large game was hard, especially with COVID-19. This made development slower. But, the team found new ways to keep working together.

How does Starfield’s exploration differ from previous Bethesda games?

Starfield changes how you explore compared to older Bethesda games. You can directly travel between planets quickly, if you have enough fuel. This saves you from walking long distances.

What technical advancements does Starfield showcase?

Starfield will look better than prior games from Bethesda. It has new light, animation, and character tech. This makes the game’s world and people more real and immersive.

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