US-based startup Momentus
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A pioneering startup from the US is changing how we explore space. This startup, called Momentus, is based in Santa Clara, California. It leads with its advanced space technology, redefining satellite transport and in-space movement.

It was started in 2017 by Mikhail Kokorich, a person with big dreams. Momentus’ goal is to change how we put and move spacecrafts in space. They use new ways to move things in space and special engines to make it all work.

Key Takeaways

  • Momentus is a US-based startup specializing in space logistics and satellite transportation services.
  • The company aims to revolutionize orbital transfer services with its Vigoride transfer vehicles.
  • Momentus has developed microwave electrothermal thrusters, a groundbreaking propulsion innovation.
  • Strategic partnerships, including with SpaceX, have enabled Momentus to leverage proven launch vehicles.
  • Momentus is well-funded, having raised over $153.8 million in funding rounds.

The Rise of Momentus: Pioneering Satellite Transportation

In the fast-changing space world, Momentus is leading the way. They offer orbital transfer services that are game-changers. These services move satellites to where they need to be in space quickly and cheaply. It marks a big change in how in-space transfer vehicles work.

Unveiling Momentus’ Revolutionary Orbital Transfer Services

Momentus is changing how we move satellites with its new tech. Their orbital transfer services use the latest technology to move spacecraft into their orbits. This ends the need for the old, lengthy ways of putting satellites in space.

By teaming up with others, Momentus connects their vehicles with many launch providers. This blend of services makes moving satellites a smoother, cheaper job. The result is better satellite placement, with longer operation times.

Momentus’ Journey: From Concept to Reality

Momentus started with a big dream – to change how we move satellites for the better. Through lots of new ideas, hard work, and not giving up, they’ve made it real. Now, they lead with their smart solutions to move satellites around our planet.

A committed team of experts at Momentus worked hard to make their tech top-notch. They are now a top name in moving satellites to space and back. Each triumph they achieve shows us what’s next and how much easier it will be in the future.

Founder Mikhail Kokorich’s Vision for Momentus

Mikhail Kokorich is the bright mind behind Momentus. He aimed to change the game in Momentus founder vision in the space industry. With his deep knowledge in aerospace, Mikhail Kokorich Momentus knew we could do better.

Kokorich wasn’t afraid to dream big. He led Momentus on a journey that would shake up how we handle satellites. This was all about making space easier and cheaper to explore.

Mikhail Kokorich Momentus founder vision

Being part of the Momentus space company founders, Kokorich foresaw a chance to innovate in space. He understood the old ways of working with satellites were holding us back. That’s why Momentus set out to change things, aiming to offer services that were both better and cheaper.

Mikhail Kokorich’s Momentus founder vision was inspired by a love for space and a wish to make it better for the future.

Thanks to Kokorich, Momentus is creating new tech that will change satellite work. Their Vigoride vehicle and special thrusters are at the heart of this change. Because of his Momentus founder vision, the company has attracted big funds and made key partners who also dream of space innovation.

Statistic Value
Momentus Signed Contracts $90 million
Contracts Under Negotiation $1.1 billion
Reverse Merger IPO Valuation $1.2 billion
Satellite Launches in 2010 70
Current Satellite Launches Over 1,000

With his Momentus founder vision, Mikhail Kokorich has put Momentus on the map in space logistics. He’s helping build a future in space that’s smarter and kinder to our planet.

Momentus’ Groundbreaking Space Technology

Momentus is changing the space game with its new Momentus space technology. It’s set to transform how we transport satellites. At its core, this tech has two big innovations. The Momentus Vigoride transfer vehicle and its unique Momentus microwave electrothermal thrusters are leading the way.

Vigoride Transfer Vehicle: Revolutionizing Satellite Positioning

The Momentus Vigoride transfer vehicle is a game changer. It makes placing satellites more precise and efficient. Satellite operators will be able to position their spacecraft better than ever before.

The Vigoride is the smallest in-space rocket service of its kind, weighing less than 250 kg. It should be ready for space in 2019, after impressive tests. This is all thanks to Momentus’ forward-thinking Momentus propulsion innovation.

Microwave Electrothermal Thrusters: Momentus’ Propulsion Innovation

Working alongside the Vigoride is Momentus’ impressive propulsion technology. Known as Momentus microwave electrothermal thrusters, it’s a big step forward. This tech offers a more eco-friendly and cost-saving way to move in space.

These thrusters don’t use traditional methods. Instead of chemicals, they use microwave energy to move the spacecraft. This method is not only efficient but also better for the environment. It lowers the cost of space travel and its impact on Earth.

Key Milestones Timeline
Seed Funding Round 2018 ($8.3M raised)
In-Orbit Technology Demonstration Q1 2019
Vigoride Service Launch 2019
Ardoride Engine Testing 2020

With big goals in 2019 and 2020, including major tests and service launches, Momentus is on its way to lead the space industry.

US-based startup Momentus: Disrupting the Space Industry

As a US-based startup, Momentus is changing the space industry. They bring new ways to move satellites and place them in the sky. Started in 2017, the company quickly became a top choice for moving goods in space.

Momentus’ Unique Value Proposition for Satellite Operators

Momentus is making it easier and cheaper to move and adjust satellites. Their Vigoride and soon to launch Ardoride and Fevoride are big steps forward. These vehicles give satellite users more control over where they put their devices.

Many companies have already signed up to use Momentus. This means more chances for new ways to use space, which helps many areas back on Earth.

Overcoming Challenges in the Emerging NewSpace Landscape

Many space companies face big challenges, like getting enough money. Momentus has found ways to deal with these issues. They are joining with Stable Road Acquisition Corp. soon. This move will give them more power to grow and develop faster.

The CEO, Mikhail Kokorich, wants Momentus to keep up with big names like SpaceX. He is determined to make Momentus a key player in moving things in space.

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Momentus, Epsilon3, Astra, Skylo, Muon Space, Solestial, Exo-Space, Tropical Weather Analytics, Spaced Ventures, Slingshot Aerospace, Varda Space, Applied Ion Systems LLC, Ramon.Space, Utowave, Eclipse Orbital, OrbitsEdge Software, Launch, Satellites, Infrastructure, Industrials, Information Research Operations management software, commercial spaceport, improving life on Earth from space, wireless connectivity to machines, high-performance satellite buses, tripling satellite internet capacity, atmospheric monitoring, space PV technology, edge devices for space applications, hurricane mitigation, democratizing access to space, decision intelligence technologies for space, earth-like computing capabilities in space, agriculture monitoring from space, moonshot satellite constellations, affordable rocket launch, advanced green propulsion rocket engines, data infrastructure for space commercialization

With unique strategies and strong partnerships, Momentus is ready for the road ahead in the new space sector. They are set to keep leading the way in the space business.

Strategic Partnerships and Collaborations

Momentus understands the value of working with others. It has teamed up with big players in space, like SpaceX. This relationship allows Momentus to use SpaceX’s reliable rockets for sending its missions into space. This way, Momentus can do more and go further.

Momentus strategic partnerships

Aside from SpaceX, Momentus works with several other serious launch providers. This ensures they have many options for sending satellites. These connections give Momentus more flights to choose from. This means they can meet their customers’ needs better.

Astroscale U.S. Inc. Collaborates with Momentus Inc.

Momentus and Astroscale U.S. Inc. have joined forces. Astroscale specializes in keeping things working in space. Together, they want to help NASA with the Hubble telescope. They plan to use both companies’ skills for this important task.

Their idea is to send a special OSV and a Hubble repair kit into space. The OSV will carefully move the Hubble telescope’s orbit higher by 50 km. This will save the telescope and make it work better.

They also aim to clean up dangerous space junk near the newly positioned Hubble. By working together, Momentus and Astroscale show their dedication to keeping space clean and reusable.

Expanding Reach and Capabilities

By teaming up with SpaceX and Astroscale, Momentus is growing its abilities. It is on its way to becoming a top choice for space services. With these partnerships, Momentus plans to improve how satellites and space projects are handled.

Funding and Investor Interest in Momentus

Momentus is a game-changer in the space logistics market. Its unique approach has attracted lots of investor interest and funding. This shows that many believe in the company’s future success. It has managed to secure funds through its Series A and B funding rounds. These rounds drew in prominent investors who want to see satellite transport change for the better.

Momentus’ Series A and B Funding Rounds

By using well-planned funding rounds, Momentus is growing fast. The Series A round brought in a large amount of money. This helped speed up the company’s work on advanced space technology. Further success followed in the Series B round. More prominent investors decided to invest. This vote of confidence clearly shows the faith in Momentus’s ability to change the space logistics scene.

Prominent Investors Backing Momentus’ Vision

Momentus has a wide array of prominent investors behind it. These are venture capital firms, strategic partners, and leaders in the industry. They see the big changes Momentus is making in satellite transport. Their support brings not only money but also important advice and industry links. This support helps set Momentus up for a successful future.

Year Total Investment in Space Sector Notable Funding Rounds
2012 $300 million
2021 Over $10 billion
  • Astranis Space Technologies: $250 million (Series C)
  • Relativity Space: $650 million
  • ABL Space Systems: $200 million
2022 SpaceX: $1.5 billion (Starlink development)

Over the last decade, the space sector has seen a huge increase in investment. In 2021, over $10 billion was invested in the field. This financial boost has helped companies like Momentus grow. It allows them to work on new technologies and reach their big goals.

Momentus’ Expansion Plans and Future Roadmap

Momentus is aiming big in the space logistics world. It has clear plans to get ahead. The company will offer top-notch services for moving satellites, thanks to many upcoming missions and launches.

Planned Missions and Launch Manifests

In 2022, Momentus kicks off its major mission plan with a satellite launch. This is just the start. Back in August 2021, the company had a key trading day.

They also secured essential equipment loans in January 2022. Plus, private placement warrants happened in January and December 2022. This shows their strong will to get all they need for their big operation.

Momentus expansion plans

Going into 2023, Momentus has important plans for February 27th. This event will help their finances a lot. It proves their deep commitment to their missions and launches.

Exploring New Frontiers: Momentus’ Long-Term Goals

While it’s busy now, Momentus has its eyes on the future. It wants to do more than just transport satellites. The company dreams of new ways to explore space, leading to incredible discoveries and tech boosts.

Momentus is financially strong, as shown by its good credit ratings. It aims to grow by making new partnerships and using its tech and skills in new ways.

The Impact of Momentus on the Space Industry

Momentus is changing how we move things in space. They offer quick and affordable ways to transport satellites. This opens the door to new space activities and services.

Enabling New Applications and Services in Space

Momentus is leading the charge in moving forward. Their work is key in improving earth watching, phone calls from space, and space studying. DARPA found their work so helpful they gave them an econtract for a special program. This shows how important Momentus is becoming in making new things in space.

Their plan to transport materials from Earth for space making is a game changer. It makes space study and use very different. With their help, the space market is growing, helping many fields here on Earth, too.

Momentus’ Impact Potential Benefits
Efficient satellite transportation Cost-effective deployment and positioning of satellites
In-space infrastructure development Enabling orbital manufacturing and resource utilization
Facilitating new space applications Advancements in Earth observation, telecommunications, and scientific exploration

Momentus is tackling issues in moving satellites and putting them in space. They are creating new chances in the space field. This innovation could help many fields back here on Earth too.

Challenges and Risks Facing Momentus

Momentus has a bold vision for space logistics and satellite transportation. Yet, they tackle many challenges and risks. These include tough regulatory rules and fierce competition from old and new players.

Regulatory Hurdles and Compliance Requirements

The space sector is filled with strict rules from various authorities. Momentus must follow these rules closely. This means abiding by laws, guidelines, and safety standards. Not doing so could lead to big problems like losing permits or facing fines.

Competition from Established Players and Emerging Startups

Momentus is a leader in its industry, but it’s not alone. The company sees strong competition from big names in the space business. These rivals have plenty of money, experience, and a strong history of success.

Moreover, the space is welcoming emerging startups eager to innovate. These new competitors use the latest technology and fresh business strategies. They aim to find their space in the industry, putting pressure on Momentus.

Company Net Loss (Q1) Revenue (Q1) Cash on Hand Stock Performance (May 15)
Momentus $20.8 million $22,000 $39 million Shares down nearly 10% at $0.3445
Astra $44.9 million $0 $62.7 million (end of Q1)
Projected $30-33 million (end of Q2)
Shares up 6% at $0.389
Virgin Orbit Filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in April after running out of cash and failing to raise additional funds

The financial trends and market reactions from Momentus and others highlight the industry’s challenges. Overcoming these hurdles is key to Momentus’ success. They want to be a top player in the space logistics sector.

Momentus and Astra face financial challenges


Momentus is leading the way in the space logistics industry. It will change how we launch and place satellites in space. The company has new technology and strong partners. It aims to meet the rising need for better satellite transportation services. Momentus has bright future prospects. It is growing its business and tackling tough tasks head-on.

Momentus will make a significant impact in space. This change will help many areas on Earth. These include better phone and internet service, earth watching, and space research. Its inventions will make these efforts easier and more affordable. The company’s work will show how much new and smart ideas can do in space.

Momentus is ready to face hard regulations and risks in the space industry. It uses its strong relationships and teamwork with others. These efforts will make space travel and use simpler and better for us. In this way, the company is setting the path for everyone to explore and use space.”


What is Momentus?

Momentus is a top-notch startup in the US. Its main hub is in Santa Clara, California. The company focuses on moving satellites in space.It designs vehicles that help satellites go where we need them to. This makes space travel more efficient and affordable.

Who founded Momentus?

Mikhail Kokorich is the mind behind Momentus. He has a lot of knowledge in making things for space. His goal was to change how we place satellites.

What is the Vigoride transfer vehicle?

The Vigoride is a vehicle by Momentus that has changed how we move satellites. It can move them exactly where we want in space.

What are Momentus’ microwave electrothermal thrusters?

Momentus has made big steps in how we move things in space. Their microwave thrusters are new and better. They make moving satellites easier and cheaper.

How is Momentus disrupting the space industry?

Momentus is shaking up the space business in the US. They are finding new ways to move satellites. This helps make things cheaper for those who use satellites.

What strategic partnerships has Momentus formed?

Momentus works closely with leaders in space, like SpaceX. This lets Momentus use SpaceX’s rockets for their missions. They also partner with other important space companies.

How has Momentus attracted investor interest?

Investors believe in Momentus’ new methods. They gave the company a lot of money. This shows they think Momentus’ work is important for the future of space.

What are Momentus’ expansion plans and future goals?

Momentus aims to grow a lot in the coming years. They have many missions and ideas. They want to do more in space, like finding resources and going even further out.

What potential impact could Momentus have on the space industry?

Momentus could change the way we do things in space. Their work makes moving satellites easier and cheaper. This could open up new ideas and services in space.

What challenges does Momentus face?

Momentus has to deal with many rules and laws for space. They also have to keep up with other companies like theirs. The space travel market is getting busier.

“As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” .

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