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When you arrive at a place where the beach’s soft sand meets your feet, everything else fades away. The sight of sunlit waves at Costa del Sol fills your eyes at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf. Here, luxury becomes more than a concept—it becomes your reality. A gentle breeze and the sound of golf nearby make you realize you’re exactly where you should be.

Everyone deserves a spot where every little thing is about your comfort. At Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf, they don’t just hope for your refreshment; they make sure of it. From the sunrise that greets you each morning, to the exquisite meals, to the top-notch service, everything is about excellence here.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover unparalleled luxury and relaxation at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf.
  • Experience the alluring fusion of Andalusian elegance and contemporary comfort.
  • Take pleasure in a beachfront hotel where the Mediterranean greets you at your doorstep.
  • Indulge in world-class spa services for a rejuvenating escape from everyday stress.
  • Improve your swing with exclusive access to a prestigious golf course right at the hotel.
  • Savor culinary masterpieces in restaurants that specialize in both buffet and à la carte styles.
  • Create memories of tranquility and luxury at one of Marbella’s most esteemed retreats.

Welcome to Your Beachfront Haven at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf

The coastal breeze softly speaks through the palm trees as you arrive. Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf is a true gem on the Costa del Sol shores. It invites you to a place where the sea’s blue meets Andalusian elegance. Here, regional charm and comfort combine for a unique seaside experience.

Discover the Charm of Andalusian Style

Entering the grand lobby, you feel the richness of Andalusian style. With whitewashed walls, vibrant bougainvillea, and terracotta tiles, you begin an authentic Spanish journey. The hotel’s design, from lattice woodwork to iron balconies, shows a deep respect for beauty and culture. It invites you into a world of elegance and warmth.

Unparalleled Beach Access on the Costa del Sol

Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf stands out for its direct beach access. The sandy Costa del Sol shoreline is right at your doorstep. Start your day with the calming wave sounds or enjoy sunbathing on the private beach. Amazing water views await you, defining the essence of a beachfront getaway.

  • Architecture: Admire the hotel’s authentic Andalusian design.
  • Location: Rejoice in the hotel’s prime positioning on the coveted Costa del Sol.
  • Views: Soak in the panoramic seascapes from the comfort of your room.

Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf is more than just a place. It’s a vivid illustration of Mediterranean living, blending beach beauty with Andalusian charm. Your unforgettable stay on the Costa del Sol begins here.

A 5-Star Hotel Experience with Enviable Amenities

When you look for luxury travel, you aim high. Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf surpasses your expectations. It provides a 5-star hotel experience with enviable amenities. Each detail focuses on your comfort and joy.

The soft linens and gourmet food will amaze you. Each part of the hotel is designed to impress and satisfy. Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf invites you to enjoy its top-notch facilities. This place stands out as a premier destination in the world.

  • Spacious Rooms and Suites: Dive into the comfort of large, peaceful, and private accommodations.
  • Full-Service Spa: Experience tranquility with a variety of spa treatments that refresh you.
  • Multiple Dining Options: Satisfy your cravings with a range of delightful dining experiences.
  • World-Class Golf Course: Challenge yourself on our exceptional golf course and enjoy the experience.

The enviable amenities are matched by superb service. This 5-star hotel doesn’t just offer a stay. It gives you memorable moments that stay with you forever.

Amenity Description Note of Excellence
Luxury Accommodations Rooms and suites offering unparalleled comfort and elegance Attention to detail and unique design aesthetics
Spa and Wellness A full-service spa with a range of rejuvenating treatments Uses only premium, organic products for treatments
Gastronomy Diverse dining venues from fine dining to relaxed bistros Chef-curated menus featuring local and international cuisine
Golfing Experience Access to a championship golf course with stunning views Professional instructors and top-notch facilities

Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf delivers a superior 5-star hotel experience. Attention to detail and enviable amenities ensure a luxurious stay. Here, elegance defines every experience. You’ll find a splendid home away from home ready to welcome you.

The Ultimate Relaxation: Exclusive Spa Services Unveiled

Welcome to the serene world of Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf. Here, your journey for peace and rejuvenation reaches luxury’s peak. Our exclusive spa services are all about your wellness. Allow yourself to relax in our harmonious setting. Every treatment is crafted to calm both your body and spirit.

Pampering Spa Treatments for Ultimate Relaxation

Our pampering spa treatments aim to satisfy your relaxation and beauty needs. Experience therapeutic massages that ease tension and bring balance. Luxurious facials enhance your natural beauty. Aromatherapy sessions and detoxifying wraps invite you to relax and enrich your spa visit.

Wellness Facilities Tailored to Your Needs

The wellness facilities at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf promote a full-circle approach to health. Visit our advanced fitness center for a motivating workout, or enjoy tranquility in our sauna. Our indoor and outdoor pools offer relaxation or energetic swims. With various wellness routines in mind, our services meet your health and fitness goals with elegance.

Top-Rated Hotel Amenities for an Unforgettable Stay

Imagine walking into a place where you’re the most important person. At Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf, everything is set up to make your stay unforgettable. With top-rated hotel amenities, they meet all your needs and desires. This lets you have a perfect time from start to finish.

Top-Rated Hotel Amenities

Whether you’re there for work or fun, the free high-speed Wi-Fi is a big plus. It helps you keep in touch or work smoothly. Here’s what else you’ll find:

  • 24-hour concierge service there to help with any needs or plans.
  • A modern business center for all your work tasks.
  • Complimentary parking, to make things easier for you.

Scroll down to see a full list of amenities. They all add to the luxury and comfort of your stay.

Amenity Description Available
Concierge Service 24/7 help for whatever you need Yes
Wi-Fi Connectivity Free, fast internet all over the hotel Yes
Business Center Up-to-date tech for your business needs Yes
Parking No-cost secure parking for your car Yes

We focus on top-rated hotel amenities to improve your stay, making it rich and easy. Our team is here for you, ready to meet your needs and ensure your visit is unforgettable. Welcome to Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf, where luxury, comfort, and memorable moments await you.

Gourmet Dining Options to Delight Your Palate

Your stay at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf offers an extraordinary taste journey. Each dish is a chance for culinary delight. Our gourmet dining options are crafted to please the pickiest food lovers.

Start a food adventure at our buffet restaurant. It’s full of bright flavors and textures. Every plate shows our commitment to gourmet excellence, made with care and culinary creativity.

Savor the Flavors at Our Buffet and À La Carte Restaurants

Our buffet satisfies all cravings, from breakfast to dinner. It offers both international and local dishes. The open kitchen lets you talk to the chefs, making dining fun and interactive.

Experience Gourmet Excellence with Every Meal

Our à la carte restaurants offer a cozy dining experience. They combine fine cooking with top-notch service. Every dish is not just food, but a work of art, made with fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is warm and elegant.

Dining Experience Cuisine Type Meals Served Special Features
Buffet Restaurant International & Local Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Variety, Freshness, Open Kitchen
À La Carte Restaurants Fine Dining Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner Intimate Atmosphere, Gourmet Excellence

With us, dining is more than just eating. It’s about exquisite flavors and top-quality ingredients. At Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf, pleasing your taste buds is what matters most. We invite you to dine with us and make tasty memories that you’ll never forget.

Make a Splash with Diverse Water Activities and Pools

At Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf, find excitement in water activities and luxury in our pools. Whether you want a quiet swim or lively water sports, we have it all under the Spanish sun.

Our indoor and outdoor pools offer calm and peace. Sunbathe by the outdoor pool or enjoy the indoor one in any weather. It’s perfect for relaxation.

For adventure, the beachfront and its clear blue waters await. Try snorkeling to see underwater wonders or water ski on the smooth sea. Fishing by the Costa del Sol is also peaceful, waiting for your catch.

Activity Location Experience Level
Snorkeling Beachfront All Levels
Water Skiing Beachfront Intermediate to Advanced
Fishing Beachfront or Chartered Boat All Levels
Swimming Indoor/Outdoor Pools All Levels

Whether relaxing in pools or enjoying water activities, Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf makes your dreams come true. Jump into a world of fun and relaxation. Make your stay unforgettable with joy and leisure.

Experience the Best Golfing Holiday at Hotel Guadalmina Spa

Start your golfing holiday at a place where calm meets challenge. Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf is perfect for every golfer. From experts to first-timers, it has something for everyone.

Access to the Prestigious Guadalmina Golf Course

Step onto the renowned Guadalmina Golf Course for a top-notch game. Its lush greens and smart fairways promise an unmatched golfing adventure. Every hole brings new challenges and pleasures.

Golfing Packages for Enthusiasts of All Levels

No matter your skill, there’s a golfing package just for you. Enjoy a range of packages that boost your game. From beginner lessons to expert coaching, everything is led by professional instructors.

Golf Package Features Experience Level
Eagle’s Flight Unlimited Green Fees, Private Lessons, Golf Cart, Club Rental Intermediate to Advanced
Birdie’s Beginnings Group Clinics, Driving Range Access, Equipment Introduction Beginner
Par for the Course Daily Green Fees, Performance Tracking, Competitions All Levels

Make your golf holiday special with Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf’s luxury. Every detail tunes into the ideal mix of fun and sport. Book a package and dive into the thrill of Guadalmina Golf Course today.

Celebrate Special Moments: Weddings and Events

Imagine saying “I do” near the sea, with luxury all around you. Your wedding at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf becomes more than just a ceremony. It becomes a collection of special moments shaped just for you. This place makes weddings, events, and special occasions extraordinary. The sun-kissed shores and lush greens create a grand scene for celebrations.

What makes Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf unique is its stunning views and the dedicated planning team. They work hard to make your dreams come true, no matter the event. Imagine a menu made by top chefs, spaces filled with beautiful decor, and service that meets your every need. Here, every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Wedding setup at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf

  • Event coordinators who help bring your vision to life, from small meetings to big parties.
  • Luxurious venues that include beachfront terraces and elegant ballrooms, designed to impress your guests.
  • Customizable layouts to make sure your events are just right.
  • Top-notch audiovisual gear to make your events even better, from sound to lights.
  • Personalized catering that makes your day unforgettable for you and your guests.
  • Lots of room options to give you and your guests a wonderful stay.

At Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf, each meeting is more than an event. It’s a lavish celebration of life’s special occasions. Contact us to start planning the most magical and detailed events and weddings. They’ll be uniquely yours and truly unforgettable.

Luxury Accommodation Marbella Style: Room and Suite Details

Welcome to a world where comfort is everything and each view is stunning. Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf offers rooms that define luxury accommodation in classic Marbella style. Enjoy an environment where fine living meets incredible sights. This is for travelers who demand only the best.

Rooms with a Majestic Sea View and Modern Comforts

Your room at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf is your escape, offering a sea view that feels touchably close. These spaces blend rest with elegance modern comforts. Begin your day with wave sounds and end it with a stunning sunset.

Suites for Elevated Luxury and Space

Our suites offer top-notch luxury for those wanting more. They come with lots of space and extras like separate living areas. Each suite wraps you in unmatched comfort.

Accommodation Type View Amenities Special Features
Sea View Room Panoramic Sea View Luxury linens, Wi-Fi, Minibar Private balcony
Junior Suite Beachfront Vista King-sized bed, Espresso Machine Separate seating area
Executive Suite Ocean and Garden Views Walk-in closet, Smart TV Whirlpool tub

Family-Friendly Activities for Unbeatable Fun

Explore unbeatable fun at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf, where activities for families take center stage. A place alive with laughter and joy for every age. The hotel offers a variety of family-friendly activities for kids and adults alike.

Our kids’ club is a highlight, with expert staff leading the fun.

Kids light up as they dive into arts, games, and adventures.

Staying here means creating unforgettable family memories.

Looking for fun? Check out our game room. It’s full of arcade games and challenges for some friendly competition. Then, there’s our outdoor playground – a sunny spot for kids to play safely.

Our focus on family-friendly fun extends to practical needs too. We have connecting rooms for your comfort and kid-approved foods. Here’s what a guest said:

“Our stay at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf was both fun and relaxing. Everything was set up perfectly for families.”

Plan your amazing family getaway now. Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf offers adventure, relaxation, and bonding. Come for the fun, leave with cherished memories.

Hotel Guadalmina Spa: Uncover the Jewel of Southern Spain

Start your journey of calm and luxury at Hotel Guadalmina Spa. Your search for a wellness getaway finds its match in the Mediterranean charm. As you enter, a blend of leisure and high-end luxury welcomes you. It sets the stage for an escape like no other.

Your Perfect Wellness Getaway in Southern Spain

Find the heart of wellness at Hotel Guadalmina Spa. It’s a place to soothe your soul. Relax in our spa, where each treatment aims to renew you. Enjoy a place where leisure meets health, making every moment peaceful.

Combining Leisure with High-End Luxury

Experience the elegance of Hotel Guadalmina Spa, blending fun activities with luxurious comfort. Revel in the sun on our private beach or by the pool. Every feature at Hotel Guadalmina Spa shows our blend of chill vibes and chic living.

Relaxation Offerings Leisure Activities
Exclusive Spa Treatments Private Beach Access
Sauna and Steam Rooms Golfing at Guadalmina Courses
Luxury Poolside Lounging Water Sports and Adventures


Staying at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf is the start of an unbeatable journey into luxury, comfort, and calmness. This wonderful escape gives you a plush retreat. It perfectly mixes the charm of its beachfront spot with many luxurious features.

Every day here lets you dive into a setting made for ultimate relaxation and happiness. The beautiful Costa del Sol adds to the beauty.

Your search for calmness ends at the exclusive spa, offering wellness services. These turn your holiday into a complete experience. A wide range of gourmet dining options will delight you every day, making each meal a work of art.

Golf lovers will be thrilled with access to the prestigious Guadalmina Golf Course. And, if you’re looking to relax, the hotel’s many amenities offer perfect joy.

In conclusion, Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf stands as the ultimate vacation paradise. It embodies the spirit of Andalusia, offering a memorable experience. To make your next trip more than just a break, book your stay at this luxurious place. You’re not just reserving a room; you’re setting the stage for a rich journey of comfort, class, and lasting memories.


What amenities are available at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf has many amenities. Guests can find spacious rooms and suites. There’s also a full-service spa, various dining choices, and a top-notch golf course.

What is the spa experience like at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

The spa at Hotel Guadalmina offers a unique relaxation experience. Visitors can enjoy a range of spa treatments for pampering. The hotel also has a fitness center, sauna, and both indoor and outdoor pools.

What are the top-rated hotel amenities at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

The hotel provides many top-rated amenities. Guests enjoy 24-hour concierge service, free Wi-Fi, and a business center. There’s also free parking and access to a prestigious golf course.

What dining options are available at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

There are gourmet dining options at Hotel Guadalmina. A buffet restaurant offers various dishes with fresh local ingredients. There are also à la carte restaurants for personalized meals.

Are there water activities and pools available at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

Yes. Guests have access to an outdoor pool, an indoor pool, and the beach. Water activities like snorkeling, water skiing, and fishing are available.

Can I play golf at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

Definitely! The hotel gives access to Guadalmina Golf Course. It’s known for its beautiful views and challenging holes. Golf packages for all skills levels are available.

Can I host events or weddings at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

Yes, it’s great for special events. The event planning team helps with every detail. They provide great venues, personalized menus, and thorough service.

What kind of accommodation does Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf offer?

Hotel Guadalmina offers luxury accommodation in Marbella style. Rooms have stunning sea views and modern luxuries. Suites offer more space and luxury for a lavish stay.

Are there family-friendly activities available at Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf?

There are activities for families, including a kids’ club and game room. An outdoor playground and child-friendly amenities such as connecting rooms are also available.

What makes Hotel Guadalmina Spa & Golf a perfect wellness getaway?

The hotel is on a beautiful beachfront. It offers unique spa services. Its blend of leisure, luxury, and exceptional service makes it an ideal wellness retreat.

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