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ServiceSmart has made a giant leap in digital transformation. This is thanks to the potent capabilities of generative AI (GenAI). With the newest update to the Now Platform® Vancouver release, they’ve packed it with GenAI features. These features aim to boost workflows in enterprises and ramp up efficiency. It marks a big step forward in productivity and innovation for businesses.

Since ChatGPT launched in November 2022, many organizations have gotten on board with generative AI. In fact, one-third of them have added GenAI to at least one business function. Service operations, product and service development, marketing, and sales are key areas. Here, 60% of AI users leverage GenAI to craft content. By adopting these technologies, businesses are saving a lot of money. They improve self-service and up their deflection rates.

GenAI is key in making workflows smoother. It automates summaries for cases and chats, boosting IT and HR agents’ productivity. ServiceNow Now Assist for Customer Service Management keeps support going 24/7. This ensures customers enjoy top-notch service. Plus, GenAI tackles big hurdles in developing apps, like developer shortages and the need for faster, cheaper production. Now Assist for Creator is a godsend for devs. It simplifies coding and speeds up the making of software.

Key Takeaways

  • Generative AI is a pivotal force in the digital transformation of enterprises.
  • ServiceSmart’s Now Platform® Vancouver release leverages generative AI to enhance workflows and operational efficiency.
  • Sixty percent of AI adopters use generative AI for content creation in various business domains.
  • GenAI tools offer improved self-service capabilities, resulting in significant cost savings.
  • Services like ServiceNow Now Assist provide 24/7 customer support, elevating the customer service experience.

Understanding Generative AI in the Modern Enterprise

Generative AI is changing how businesses increase productivity and automation. It uses algorithms that mimic human creativity. This lets companies create new kinds of content like text, images, or code. Thus, it opens up new ways for enterprises to innovate.

For more than 10 years, ServiceNow has added generative AI to its platform. This makes it a top name in boosting work productivity. Generative AI can do many tasks. But it’s best when meeting the unique needs of business operations. These often need a lot of computing power and tailored AI abilities.

ServiceNow’s product, Now Assist, uses generative AI to help different departments. It works in areas like IT, customer service, HR, and field management. The goal is to cut down on routine tasks and make experiences better. With ServiceNow, businesses can work more smoothly.

ServiceNow partners with big names like NVIDIA, KPMG, and EY to make generative AI even better. These partnerships help improve AI for businesses, including telecom companies. Working together, they create more advanced tools for businesses to use.

GenAI is great for helping developers and admins get more done. It can make code and streamline workflows by learning from existing data. For example, in HR Service Delivery, GenAI suggests ways to quickly solve problems. This makes business operations run without a hitch.

To sum up, generative AI does more than just automate tasks. It’s about creating new ways for businesses to grow and innovate. ServiceNow is dedicated to these technologies. Its work shows how serious it is about offering solutions for the future of business.

ServiceNow’s Domain-Specific Generative AI

ServiceNow is unleashing the power of domain-specific AI. This boosts efficiency in businesses and makes operations smoother. Their Now Platform® embeds custom AI. It completes tasks with amazing efficiency and smart understanding.

Enhancing Enterprise Workflows

ServiceNow uses advanced AI to improve business workflows. It adds special AI for tasks. This makes tasks more personalized and efficient.

The Now LLM uses the GPT-43b architecture. It understands context really well. This means smoother operations and more productivity.

Tailored Solutions for Specific Needs

ServiceNow creates AI solutions for different business needs. They offer features like chat summaries and text-to-code. These special solutions improve workflows and boost productivity.

Feature Description Benefit
Now Assist for IT Service Management Utilizes generative AI for summarization tasks Increases agent satisfaction and efficiency
Now Assist for Creator Converts natural language to code Boosts development productivity
Generative AI Controller Integrates leading AI models Offers flexible, high-performance solutions

ServiceNow focuses on domain-specific AI to boost productivity. It makes sure AI is right for your business. This leads to better, more efficient operations.

The Vancouver Release: Revolutionizing Productivity

The ServiceNow Vancouver Release is a big step in innovation. It brings cutting-edge GenAI solutions that boost productivity. These solutions fit perfectly into specific business processes. They lead to a major Enterprise Productivity Increase and cut costs a lot.

ServiceNow Vancouver Release

Innovative GenAI Solutions

The Vancouver release adds Generative AI (GenAI). This changes business models and workflows across sectors. It helps create lifelike content by learning from existing data.

This boosts creativity and innovation. GenAI includes text, image, video, speech generation, and data augmentation. It’s changing how enterprises operate in IT, Human Resources, and Customer Service.

Automation and Cost Reduction

The Now Platform® uses automated solutions in the Vancouver release. This makes processes smoother and cuts costs. Features like Accounts Payable Operations automate buying. Clinical Device Management makes patient care better and eases staff work.

Partnerships with leading companies like NVIDIA and EY push GenAI solutions further. These help with the productivity goals of businesses.

Enhancement Impact
Now Assist Enhancements Boosted efficiency across departments like IT Service Management and Strategic Portfolio Management.
ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators Significant productivity increases and operational optimization.
Accounts Payable Operations Automated procurement processes, reducing manual intervention and errors.
Clinical Device Management Optimized healthcare device management, enhancing patient care and reducing staff effort.

ServiceNow’s over 10 years in AI for workflows set new standards. The ServiceNow Vancouver Release is a big tech step. It moves businesses towards being more efficient and automated.

GenAI Across Various Business Functions

ServiceNow’s Generative AI transforms many business areas, making things more efficient and productive. It works closely with big tech companies like Microsoft. This teamwork helps bring AI tools into its services, helping businesses grow digitally.

IT Service Management

Generative AI in IT Service Management (ITSM) speeds up solving technical problems. It makes identifying and fixing issues faster, reducing work interruptions. This AI support leads to more efficient IT issue handling, improving business workflows.

Human Resources Automation

Human Resources (HR) sees big benefits from ServiceNow’s GenAI. It automates updating tasks and sending out important messages. This saves HR teams time, letting them focus on bigger projects and enhancing workplace productivity.

Customer Service Management

For Customer Service, ServiceNow’s GenAI provides extensive data insights, improving self-help for customers. It quickly pulls accurate answers from the knowledge base for customer issues. This results in happier customers and better service, as support teams offer faster, more tailored help.

ServiceNow’s GenAI initiatives are reshaping smart, efficient business processes. By automating and innovating, companies are seeing a new era of managing tasks with AI.

Security and Agility in the Vancouver Release

The Vancouver release of the Now Platform® boosts digital growth and cybersecurity. It brings innovative GenAI solutions to enhance productivity, boost automation, and cut costs.

Enterprise Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Enhancements

The Vancouver update improves enterprise cybersecurity greatly. It introduces ServiceNow® Zero Trust Access and Third-Party Risk Management, enhancing security. The addition of Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) management boosts security too. It gives insights into software components to prevent risks.

Optimizing Healthcare Device Management

The update also enhances healthcare device management. GenAI solutions automate the management, making the process smoother. This step boosts business flexibility and enhances healthcare device handling. It leads to better patient care and operational efficiency.

The Strategic Advantage of ServiceNow’s GenAI

ServiceNow’s GenAI marks a major leap in how companies handle automation and innovation. It adds Generative AI to every workflow on the Now Platform® using Now Assist. This gives a big competitive advantage to businesses. ServiceNow leads the way, meeting the specific needs of enterprises.

ServiceNow boosts productivity and efficiency with strategic GenAI implementation. It improves sectors like IT Service Management and HR Service Delivery. GenAI is used for talking to customers and making new content. This helps workers and customers, making their experiences better.

ServiceNow partners with big names like NVIDIA and EY to push GenAI forward. These partnerships focus on compliance and managing risks. They help businesses handle the challenges of digital changes confidently.

ServiceNow has spent a decade making workflows smarter with a focus on enterprise transformation. They bring continuous innovation, keeping GenAI at the cutting edge. The Now Platform offers smart self-service and insights. This speeds up success and highlights ServiceNow’s role in using GenAI to change enterprise workflows.

In short, ServiceNow’s GenAI is key for businesses wanting real change. By using GenAI that knows domains well, it boosts intelligent operations. This sets companies ahead in the fast-changing digital world.

Key Differences Between General and Domain-Specific GenAI

Domain-specific GenAI shines in its unique ability to achieve targeted outcomes. These are especially designed for business settings. The key lies in GenAI Precision. It’s crucial for tailored solutions.

Precision in Enterprise Application

General GenAI, like ChatGPT by OpenAI, is great for various tasks. These include understanding language, creating content, and building chatbots. But domain-specific AI is a game changer for businesses.

These specialized AI solutions are made to suit exact business needs. They tweak algorithms with great care. This way, they mesh well with a company’s work routines, boosting both speed and precision.

Impactful Outcomes in Business Operations

Domain-specific GenAI transforms how businesses operate. General models excel in creating images, videos, and speech. Yet, domain-specific models, like the ones in ServiceNow’s Vancouver release, focus on making operations smoother.

They simplify complex tasks. This could mean improving data use or securing networks. Such technology also helps manage medical devices better. It’s all about enhancing efficiency in business tasks.

Implementing ServiceNow Generative AI for Improved Efficiency

Today’s businesses are moving fast. Adding ServiceNow Generative AI can majorly boost efficiency. It’s now key, not just nice to have. It saves costs and makes work processes better.

Employee Empowerment Through AI

Using Generative AI frees up staff by handling routine tasks. This is great for IT and HR teams. It simplifies things like case and chat summaries, making everyone more efficient and informed.

Boosting Customer Connections

Companies using ServiceNow Generative AI for customer service stand out. AI chatbots provide non-stop support. This boosts customer happiness and loyalty.

Since ChatGPT began in November 2022, a third of businesses have started using generative AI. It shows how valuable the tech is for talking to customers.

Acceleration in Application Development

Generative AI speeds up making apps through low-code development. 60% of companies use AI for creating content and other work. Now Assist for Creator helps with coding and making workflows easier. This solves big problems like not enough skilled developers and high costs. It leads to faster launches and better productivity.

Real-World Applications of ServiceNow Generative AI

ServiceNow’s Generative AI is remaking how industries work. It boosts efficiency and makes operations smoother. With GenAI, ServiceNow lifted employee self-help by 14% and customer self-service by 10%. This shows how GenAI apps have a big effect on both staff and customers.

Case Studies in Different Industries

In many fields, ServiceNow GenAI shows great results. For example, the ServiceNow DT team saved $5.5 million a year by avoiding cases and incidents. Also, within IT Service Management, Now Assist got a 54% deflection on the “Report an issue” option. This shows it helps lower workloads and fix problems faster.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Many companies see the good in ServiceNow GenAI. About 56% of them liked the summaries from Now Assist, showing they’re happy with it. Now Assist for Customer Service Management helped a lot. It saved agents six hours each week. They also solved incidents quicker, thanks to Now Assist for IT Service Management’s notes.

ServiceNow GenAI’s impact is big in other ways too. Developers saw a 5% increase in weekly productivity. This came with a 48% acceptance of content made from text-to-code. In two weeks, nearly half of the new workflows came from Now Assist. These successes prove ServiceNow’s aim to change industries with smart workflows. NVIDIA’s CEO, Jensen Huang, praised GenAI for boosting IT pros’ work around the world.


What is ServiceNow Generative AI?

ServiceNow Generative AI is about adding AI into the Now Platform®. It improves enterprise workflows by making text, images, and code automatically. This leads to better productivity and innovation in companies.

How does Generative AI improve enterprise workflows?

Generative AI boosts enterprise workflows by doing routine tasks on its own. It solves problems quickly and offers smart insights. All of this makes companies work better and save money.

What differentiates ServiceNow’s domain-specific GenAI from general Generative AI?

ServiceNow’s domain-specific GenAI is designed for enterprise needs. It offers precise outcomes that matter. Unlike the general kind, it fits complex business workflows perfectly. This ensures it works better and more effectively.

What are some key features of the ServiceNow Vancouver release?

The Vancouver release brings new GenAI tools, better cybersecurity with Zero Trust Access, and more. It also makes buying things smoother, and manages healthcare devices well. There’s a big focus on cybersecurity.

How does Generative AI enhance IT Service Management?

In IT Service Management, Generative AI speeds up finding solutions and fixing problems. It reduces system downtime. Overall, it makes the IT system work better and more efficiently.

What benefits does Generative AI bring to Human Resources Automation?

For HR, Generative AI does tasks like sending out notices and managing work flows by itself. This cuts down on routine work. It makes HR operations run smoother and quicker.

How does Generative AI improve Customer Service Management?

Generative AI makes Customer Service better by analyzing data and providing smart help quickly. Customers are happier and get faster help. This improves customer service a lot.

How does the Vancouver release enhance enterprise cybersecurity?

The Vancouver release introduces new security measures like ServiceNow® Zero Trust Access. It also adds Third-Party Risk Management. These features strengthen protections against digital threats. They keep company data and operations safe.

What industries benefit most from ServiceNow Generative AI?

Many industries, including IT, HR, customer service, healthcare, and procurement, benefit from ServiceNow Generative AI. It brings AI-powered help and automation to each field. This enhances efficiency and work processes.

Can you provide examples of real-world applications of ServiceNow Generative AI?

Real-world uses of ServiceNow Generative AI include fixing IT issues fast, automating HR tasks, bettering customer service, and safe healthcare device management. Case studies show these apps greatly improve work and results.

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